Surprising Facts about French Cheese


The French people are known to be avid fans of cheese using them on a regular day to day basis. They have mastered the craft in creating unique delicacies using cheese that are recognized all over the world. Cheese is indeed a predominant food item of choice in France. Let us look at some of the surprising facts about French cheese.

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As mentioned earlier, French cheese is lauded by its people and in fact, almost half of their population eat cheese daily. This means that most French people regularly receive a healthy dose of calcium. People in France will not be finding any shortage of French cheese as they have over 400 types of cheese not counting their sub categories. This means that a person in France can enjoy eating different varieties on cheese all throughout the year without going back to the first one just yet.

French cheese is divided into categories depending on how they are created. This includes farmhouse cheese and industrially manufactured cheese. There are also some types of cheese that are washed in order to bear the mold. Salt water, beer, wine or brandy are used to ripe the cheese from the outside.


One of the most popular French cheeses is Raclette which is a semi-hard cheese that is usually fashioned into a wheel. Raclette is oftentimes used for melting and poured over food on the plate. This is a mass-produced industrial cheese in France and its unique shape makes it a popular and easy party meal with friends. Because of their huge popularity, French cheese is considered to be the king of exports. The 6.9 billion of Euros of exported dairy products are comprised of 44% Cheese, 18% Powdered Milk; Yoghurt and other fermented for 7%.

French people enjoy eating their cheeses with wine specifically, its red variant. Red wine works well with French cheese making them a perfect tandem that works hand in hand together in helping make meals complete.

The French people indeed take huge pride of their cheeses and this is quite apparent with them very proud f showcasing their creation to the world. If you are looking for a particular cheese type to add to your diet, you may want to consider looking for cheese that comes from France. Get in touch with a cheese supplier to learn more about French cheese as you get one for your own.