Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

If you’re looking for unique wedding table centerpiece ideas that aren’t so typical and common, you’ve come to the right spot. Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime occasions that create lasting memories. It’s a chance to witness the couple’s personality and style, which mean table centerpieces, too, can add a meaningful touch to the big day.

Here are a few creative ideas that will make your wedding reception table standout and keep your guests enamored throughout the celebration.

Unique Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

Vines. Place a bouquet of flowers in a glass vase with four or more green leafy vines cascading out equally in different directions until it slightly hangs down the ends of the table. This works best on round tables. (Fake vines also work well, if budget is limited.)

Tiers. Like a three-tier cupcake stand, a floral stand will create depth and sophistication to the table ambiance. Ask your wedding florist to recreate a design that suits your color and style.

Branches. A tree stand with branches sprouting out on all sides can be a beautiful and dramatic centerpiece idea. Place small candles in glass jars or mini candle holders that have wire handles and hang them throughout the branches. It’s a charming idea for those who love a bit of vintage, and it will easily become the talk of the night.

Dome shape. Use half of a floral foam ball to create a beautiful, eye-catching arrangement of flowers in a round dome shape for the table’s center. On the top, stick a long wire place card holder inside the foam. On the place card, have it read the couple’s name and the date of the wedding.

Flowers under water. A large glass vase filled with water and flowers dunked inside is perfect for outdoor weddings. If the flowers float, attach a wire on the bottom stems and use rocks or marbles as weight. To top it off, place a floating candle on the water.

Slate placemats. A piece of slate is millions of years old, and it looks very unique to have on your table. Did you know that people eat off of slate? They are even used by restaurants. Visit slateplate for more information

Green bamboo. Whether they’re real green bamboo or fake, take the stems and affix them side by side on and around a wide vase, circular or square. Wrap a ribbon around vase, and then add a colorful bouquet of flowers inside. This is a great idea for summer weddings.

Tips on Wedding Table Centerpieces

Many of the above ideas can be great do-it-yourself projects. And whether it’s gluing things together or even as simple as cutting place cards, gather a group of friends and work on the project together before the big day. It also a good way to meet up and bond together before the wedding.