What Are Rare Squishies?


Squishies are selling very hot in the market with their demand steadily increasing even as we speak. There is indeed a huge craze revolving around these toys which has captured the hearts o their audience both young and old. There are many designs to choose from making the collection process fun and engaging. Just like any other toys, from time to time manufacturers make rare variants for lucky fans. Let us look at what rare squishies are and how you can get one for yourself today.

Rare squishies as their name implies, are squishies that come in small numbers. These are considered to be special or limited variants of squishies making them more enticing to own. The added rarity of these types of toys comes with a price as they cost more than your traditional squishy. Rare squishies can range from $20 or more depending on their quality. Furthermore, they can also be very pretty hard to find becomes of them being limited. As a result, not everyone will be able to get one for their own. (learn more)

There are a number of ways on how you can get a rare squishy. One of them is reservations through pre-ordering. A number of stores often provide pre-order campaign for their rare squishies which gives their customers an ample amount of time to have these items reserved. Pre-orders helps guarantee them a slot for the rare squishy and in some cases, receive bonuses for doing so.


Another great place to find rare squishies is through online community groups. There are a number of sellers who are willing to let go of their collection to fellow fans for a fair amount of price. This can be a very good opportunity to find rare squishies without them costing a fortune. Several online store fronts such as eBay also feature rare squishies from time to time. However, these are considered to be far more expensive especially when an item is setup to be auctioned. Some passionate and dedicated fans who want to own rare squishies usually don’t mind the price as long as they are able to secure the item for their own.

Rare squishies help spice things up with these types of toys. It is good to hear that people today are given plenty of avenues on where to buy rare squishies making them more accessible than ever before. Start looking into some rare squishies today!